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   Monthly Meet of TCOS for may is going to be in KIMS Hospital on 2nd - July - 2017.          Monthly Meet of TCOS for may is going to be in NIMS Hospital on 4th - June - 2017.         Monthly Meet of TCOS for may is going to be in Gandhi Hospital on 14th - May - 2017.         Congratulations Dr. Somashekhar Reddy as being the President of TCOS.         Congratulations Dr. Srinivas Kasha as being the Secretary of TCOS.      

TCOS Clinical Meetings

Since 2 halls are booked by other departments at kims, We have changed the venue for June months tcos to NIMS.

Thanks to Prof.Chandrashekhar sir and dr raju Iyengar for readily accepting to conduct the event at NIMS.

So Next month tcos is going to be in NIMS hospital on 4 th June. Mini symposium Theme for next month is rotator cuff problems of shoulder -a practical aproach.

It starts sharp at 9.00 am ....

  • 1. Rotator Cuff Injuries - a practical aproach Dr.Subramanyam -12 Mins
  • 2. Recurrent Dislocation of Shoulder - How to aproach and management dr. Ved Prakash a 12 Mins
  • 3. Radiology of Cuff Injuries - Dr. Mahendra Kumar (Radiologist Sunshine) 12 Mins.

Followed by case discussions from NIMS.

Dr.I.V.Reddy (President TCOS)

Dr. Srinivas Kasha (Secretary TCOS)


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